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Web SELECT Using Lotusscript

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Explaination as to Why:

- I hate XPages. I come from a more traditional HTML development background and I like the control when I put things together myself. Also Bootstrap is pretty heavy and confusing unless you know how to integrate it. I use BS and JQuery in places, but watch out, you lose some control over page formatting, etc. JQuery is good, but heavy. BootStrap is lighter, but you have less control. So? Well, here's my answers. Enjoy!

- I love WebQueryOpen and WebQuerySave, etc style agents for their control and usability, NOT to mention speed. Nothing is faster in Domino that I've seen. XPages is a dog. Remember, I came into web development when R5 was released and most Internet connections were dialup. You needed to develop for speed (i.e. limited bandwidth). It is a lost art I know.

That's about it.

Here's the zipped up db with the examples: